Aero Mark, Inc. Customers,


As we are sure that you are aware, Jackson Hole Airport (KJAC) will be closed from April 11th through June 27th, 2022 due to the reconstruction of its runway. The majority of that airport's business will be coming to IDA. The commercial airlines will be both increasing the number of flights, and increasing the size of aircraft servicing IDA. Private and corporate aircraft will be diverting to IDA. We are expecting an influx of aircraft that will increase in amount throughout KJAC's closure, with the peak in mid-June. Due to this we will be making several changes to our procedures.


First, we will need all tie-down customers to reposition their aircraft from the Aero Mark ramp to the Red Baron ramp. Initially, what we refer to as the “Old Aero Mark Ramp” will be used to facilitate operations by our Armed Services, who will be basing aircraft with us in April. As the closure proceeds we'll need that ramp for larger aircraft. At some point during the closure we will likely reposition some of our Avgas servicing equipment to the Red Baron ramp to better service aircraft there. Once the closure is over you can reposition your aircraft back on the Aero Mark ramp.


Second, Aero Mark is instituting Ramp and Overnight fees for transient aircraft coinciding with the closure. These fees do not apply to aircraft based at IDA, nor do they apply to any piston powered aircraft. The fees are for transient turbine aircraft only, and are being put into place to better manage the ramp space during the influx in aircraft brought about by KJAC's closure.


Third, be aware that Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport (KDIJ) will be going to a Prior Permission Required (PPR) system, and that you will need to make a reservation to land there. You can find more information at:


Lastly, we are pleased to announce that will be having the Idaho Aviation Expo on May 20 & 21, 2022. Richard McSpadden, Senior Vice President of the AOPA Air Safety Institute, will be our keynote speaker. There is a lot in the works for the event, so check in at periodically for updates. We hope to see you there!


If you have any questions about the impact of KJAC's closure on IDA, or if there is anything else we may be able to help you with, feel free to email us at